Something Different

by Dee Hudson Photography

Light, color, shapes and my favorite subject . . . nature.

During a walk one evening, I decided to experiment a bit with some night photography and see what I could create using any available light.


I was pleased with the look, capturing ‘something different’ from anything I have ever done before. Could I create more images like this and begin a new series?

During my second attempt, the night was a bit windy, but it worked to my advantage as the movement added to the design. I also love the colors that showcase my subject — this time multiple colored lights were present and I think the effect is rather painterly.


In the future I hope to apply this ‘look’ to my photography with Illinois prairies.


Now, I just need to name these images. Any good suggestions for me?

Dee Hudson Photography logo



3 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. I love these images and can’t wait to see the series that develops. Naming is not my strong suit. Be poetic, be practical, be ambiguous. Untitled 1 works, as does orange spotlight. But neither are good titles.


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