Of the Earth . . . a Pop–up Show

Patsy R. Davis spent over a month preparing and arranging the art for this week’s pop–up show installed at the College of DuPage. For this exhibition, Patsy combined her works of art created with various media —  photography, inorganic welded scrap-metal sculptures and organic roots. Through her art, Patsy wants to share her passion to honor, celebrate and preserve the bounty of this earth.

Linne Staley and Patsy R. Davis

Linne Staley and Patsy R. Davis (the artist) enjoy a ‘selfie’ taken with the roots!


Patsy has been an organic gardener for years. As she worked in her garden and pulled up her excess plant roots, she began to discover how different and diverse each root was from another, even among the same plant species. Each root essentially shares the same common purpose, yet Patsy was awed by the sustenance they provide and their individual beauty and strength.


A large installation featuring roots.

My favorite! A large root installation that spanned the exhibit floor.

Roots have also been featured as Patsy’s photographic subjects. Using an antiquarian pre–film photo process from the 19th century (wet–plate collodion tintypes) Patsy creates photogram images of her roots. The roots lend themselves to some unique asymmetrical and contrasty abstract designs. “Digging in the earth and moving my hands through the

soil creates a strong connection with the earth and the process is very meditative for me”, Patsy explains.

The meditative experience not only comes from working in the earth, but also from welding materials that come from the earth. Patsy finds it very satisfying to be able to reuse materials as she creates her art, rather than wasting or consuming additional resources.

As expressed through her art work, Patsy believes in respecting all life forms, celebrating diversity and believes in individuals and the commonality of all. In the future Patsy would like to take the connection to earth one step further, and create relationships with individuals who do conservation work. Great show Patsy! To see more of Patsy’s work, check out Patsy R. Davis Eco Artist.


A welded scrap metal sculpture.




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