The Bees are Disappearing!

by Dee Hudson Photography

It is a good thing that these bees are disappearing, for they are part of S. Gayle Stevens’ exhibit. Go see her current exhibition, Disppearance, at Alibi Fine Art in Chicago. Gayle’s wet plate tintypes will be featured at this photography gallery until October 25 and then they . . . disappear.


Sally Mann Bee
I chose a bee tintype that features an expired bee originally from Sally Mann’s farm. I love this small  connection to Sally Mann, because I have always her enjoyed her beautiful black & white photography. It is easy to tell which bees came from Mann’s farm, because they have a chunkier abdomen than the other bees in the exhibit.


Artist Talk
Gayle expressed concern for the honey bee colony losses in the United States these past years and discussed how our food industry depends on their pollination. All the foods served at Gayle’s reception require pollination by honey bees and were therefore a reminder to us how much we daily depend on this little insect.